“I will say, It is my people: and they shall say, The LORD is my God.”

Zachariah 13:9

Messiah Truths

PROPHECY & FULFILLMENTNearly 200 Prophecy & Fulfillments from holy Jewish scriptures on how we can know who the Messiah is. These prophecies must be fulfilled or the person is not the Jewish Messiah that was promised in scripture.
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LIFE OF JOSEPHLearn from the Life of Joseph and how that his life from the holy Jewish scriptures parallels the Jewish people from the past, present, and today. You will also learn in this section what the definition of a Jew is, and you’ll learn the origin and calling of the Jews.
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MESSIAH’S NAMESLearn about the Messiah’s names in the Old Testament Jewish Scriptures before His exaltation, then read about the suffering names of the Messiah from the Old and New Testament, and lastly learn from the New Testament about the Messiah’s resurrected exaltation.
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FAQOver 30 of the most popular questions that Jewish people have about the Holy Jewish Scriptures, the Messiah, and about God. (Click here to read more and know more)

JEWISH SCRIPTURE HELPSWhere do you turn when you need comfort and help with all that happens in your life…turn to the Holy Jewish scriptures and find all the answers. This section tells you which passages of scripture to turn to based on what you are dealing with spiritually or physically. There is also a section on Jewish Scripture bible topics ranging from Baptisms, to Faith, to Salvation, to Witchcraft.
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HOW YOU CAN RECEIVE THE JEWISH MESSIAHLearn why we need to make the Messiah a personal Savior and God. Also, learn why we are helpless and need the Messiah to save us. Study what our God and Messiah has provided to save us. Finally, learn what your responsibility is in having the Messiah save you, and how you can receive the Messiah personally. (Click here to read more and know more)

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